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The Startup

A joint venture with one of the world's leading scientists in biotechnology, Professor of Imperial College London, and one of the world's most famous pop groups of the 1980's, Duran Duran. Geneu is a personable and jargon free cosmetics company which creates bespoke DNA based luxury beauty products for the fashion and health conscious consumer.

Design Development

Elegant, luxurious and with the full weight of proven science behind it, an online presence was required to reflect the key principles of the new brand. I focused on making science simple and cosmetics creative by encorporating slick factual graphics. Choosing a photography style and approach on natural beauty.

The Concept

The key was not to bombard consumers with buzz words and complex scientific data analysis. A simple and digestible approach made sense and was supported by the elegant use of imagery, colour and typography. The navigation was reflective of the subsections and took inspiration from a DNA strip. As well as having e-commerce integration, the key challenge was to make it fully responsive.