Living The London Life Beside The Thames




Marketing Suite Interactive


Lead UX & UI Designer



The Brief

Luxurious residential property on the River Thames in London, Riverwalk is a set of two high-end apartment buildings. The client required an interactive installation to be housed on site in the residential marketing suite.

The Installation

The idea was to sync up the information between 3 x 40" TV screens, a 1.5m tall model replica and an iPad as the main controller. Detailed wireframes were created to show each stage, screen and interaction with the model.

Designing the platform

An iPad app was controlling what was being shown on the 3 screens and also highlighting apartments on the physical model. Aspect views from the apartments were projected onto the screens allowing customers to get a feel of the environment.

The Design

Using the newly created brand guidelines I was able to create a fresh and engaging experience through clean flat design and elegant interactions.