A Collective Excursion




Digital Consumer Eco-system


Lead UX & UI Designer



The Goal

Here.com strategic vision was to enter the consumer market and compete against other similar tech companies and establish Here.com as a major consumer proposition. We had a 2 week design sprint to come up with ideas that matched the business objectives potentially using the in-house cutting edge map technology.

Exploring Ideas

Applying existing guidelines I came up with creative relevant and engaging interactions. Journeys for each persona were initially created and designed into low-fi wireframes. Many variations on the high-end designs were also created at a rapid pace and shown to the client daily.

Finalising the Concept

I mapped out the idea of a consumer product encouraging friends to create a bespoke excursion through a collaborative process. Project 'Placebook' is a visual location discovery tool that people use to collect ideas for their social lives, holidays and adventures. Users can create and share collections of visual bookmarks. From there participants can discuss the next steps, making collective decisions through a digital eco-system.

The 'PlaceBook' Designs

The following sample screens show the userflow whereby a person receives an invite to the trip. A tile on their Windows phone would launch the steps to add their comments and opinions as well as continue with bookings.

Organising The Trip

Opening a tile would launch a browser and reveal the initial journey plan.

Here.com Trip Module

The Here.com destination would be where the whole trip module is viewable. Friends and family can easily see the trip in a logical linear format.

The Widget

Once the trip had been finalised the details were then compiled into a widget that could be easily embedding into peoples blogs.